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  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to seek, support, and improve the community we live in, by supporting local talents and other small businesses while serving as El Paso and Mission Trail Ambassadors.

  • Our Goal

    Our Goal is to provide a welcoming environment that showcases cultural awareness. Providing a taste of what El Paso has to offer while serving as a representation of El Paso.

    Providing consistency in tourist services, Increasing cultural awareness, unearthing and encouraging local artistry, and educating on the importance of the Mission, the Tigua Tribe, and its people.

  • Our Inspiration

    Our inspiration omes from the courage, strength, and tenacity of its people that built, the Ysleta Mission. A historical setting like ours provides visitors with a warm and familiar environment to carry home with them a story relating to the Mission. Both first-time and returning individuals partake in a cerebral experience that makes one feel connected and comforted by the environment.