Market at the Mission Vendor Application

Market at the Mission Vendor Application

To ensure that we create the best atmosphere for all; please read our policies statements before applying to the Market at the Mission Market. For communication and marketing purposes, vendors please like the Ysleta Mission Gift Shop Facebook.
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  • MISSION Our mission is to grow an event for artists, makers, and enthusiasts of all ages. We seek interactive and friendly vendors to foster creativity, fun and a family-friendly environment.

    WHEN: First Sunday of each month, March–October, 8 am-2 pm

    WHERE: On the grounds of the Historic Ysleta Mission. The market is set-up in the front entrance of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church.

    PAYMENT: Rental space fee is $20.00 per 10’ x 10’ space per month, which can be made electronically or in person.

    Any kudos, issues concerns or complaints can be made via email to at the end of every market.

    Vendor Requirements

    • To ensure we have a large variety of talents, art, and craftsmanship we ask that no two vendors have similar products, a non-compete agreement.
    • Vendors must stay the duration of the market during the open hours.
    • Commercial (non-vendor) advertising is not allowed outside of official market sponsorships.
    • Vendors are responsible for providing all their own equipment. (10' x 10' tent, weights, tables, chairs, signs, containers, bags, P.O.S., etc.). Tent weights are a safety requirement.
    • Non-profits groups may present educational materials and information about their mission. Vendors may not engage in any political activities, canvassing or petitioning.
    • All back-stock should be stored under the tables or stacked neatly out of the way. They may not infringe upon the walkways or neighboring booths.
    • Vendors are responsible for keeping their space looking nice during market hours and for cleaning up their space after the market closes, including removal of all garbage and sweeping up any debris.
    • Organizers of the Market at the Mission are not responsible for loss or damage of vendors' wares, exhibits, or personal property or for injury caused by products sold or exhibited by vendors. Insurance for such loss, damages, or injury shall be the responsibility of each exhibitor.
    • Organizers of the Market at the Mission provide only space to sell your wares. Vendors are an independent business and must be complying with local, state and federal regulations and be able to show proof of, if necessary.
    • All spaces are on a first-come basis and rental fees are nonrefundable. We reserve the right to open your spot to another vendor if payment is not received by payment date prior to the event date.
    • Pets are not allowed and the markets are a smoke-free event.
    • At this time, no onsite food cooking vendors or food trucks are allowed.

    Vendor Checklist Items to bring to the market:

    • 10x10 Tent
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • (4) 25-pound weights for each leg of the tent
    • Point of Sale (Square, PayPal, Clover)
    • Cash to Make Change
    • Business Cards, Signage, Bubble Wrap and Bags
    • Sales Tax License
    • Table Cloths
    • Props to Display Items and to Personalize Your Booth
    • Notepad, Pen or Marker


    1. PRESENTATION When setting up your booth, think of the ways your booth will appear to a passerby. You want to offer a wide array of items, in a wide range of price points. 2. ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS It is very important to have business cards in multiple places. Have a stack at the front of the table, when an item sells, place one in the bag, stand in front of your booth and hand them out to passerby. 3. PRICE EVERYTHING Be creative with your pricing by bundling items: have a buy one get one sale, $12 each or 2 for $20 Use your business cards as your price tags 4. ENGAGING IS KEY Be available, make eye contact, smile and say hello. One of the best ways to engage with your customers is to produce your craft in front of the customer. People love to see artists at work. This helps the buyer feel connected to you and makes you and your art more memorable. Stand at the front of your booth; try not to sit, as it might come off as being unapproachable. 5. WHAT TO SELL? Have a wide array of items fit for all budgets, .50 cents to $100+ 6. DISPLAY YOUR ITEMS Try to display items in the manner they would best be worn/used. Be creative when displaying your goods, an old ladder, an old suitcase, mannequin, mirror, work to dress up your space. A shawl lying on the table won’t get nearly as much action as it would if it were displayed a mannequin. 7. PACKAGING Packaging does not have to be expensive to be effective Provide care instructions, printed out on regular paper and cut to size, including your business name for marketing purposes. 8. ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS If at all possible, accept credit cards and advertise that you accept them. Take up just a bit of your space to advertise a sign. 9. CREATE A PHOTO BOOK OF YOUR PRIOR WORK When presenting at a craft fair, you only have limited space available to you. Why not create a hardcover photo book showcasing items you have made in the past. 10. OFFER A FREE GIFT WITH $__ PURCHASE Consider placing several items in a special basket labeled “free gift with $50+ purchase”. You set the amount required, but if someone is spending $40 or $45, they might just pick up another $10 item if only to get the freebie. 11. MINGLE Take time to get to know your neighbors. You might get information about other upcoming craft shows, item placement tips, and pricing tips. Also, you take note of each other’s inventory. They can send people your way and you can send people theirs! 12. SCARCITY SELLS Try not to put all of your items out, replenish as you sell them. 13. YOU SET YOUR BOOTH TONE, POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE How to lose a sale in less than 3 seconds: Browse your phone, taking selfies, looking bored, eating, sitting, sitting with your arms crossed and sleeping in your booth are the fastest methods to losing a sale and any prospective customers. If you are up and moving, working, being an artist at work it shows that you are attentive and open for business. 14. FOCUS Building a positive relationship with the customers should be your focus. They might not buy this time but if you set a positive tone, they will be back. 15. ADVERTISE Social Media Is FREE advertisement, so no excuses. Advertise you and your product, materials your customers and the market you are at and its host.

    ~Your Success is Our Success~

    Love Always, YMGS Girls



    This Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement is made with all exhibitors and organizers of the Market at the Mission at the said address, located at 131 S. Zaragoza Rd, El Paso, Texas, 79907 and is agreed upon and understood at the time of registration process. This will be held in agreement at any time the vendor and its members participate in the event. NOW, THEREFORE, in good and valuable consideration the vendor and its members, intended to be legally bound, covenants and agrees as follows: Vendor shall protect, defend, indemnify, save and hold harmless, Ysleta Mission Gift Shop, Market at the Mission, Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo and Speaking Rock any and all market organizers, sponsors, its own subsidiaries, employees and agents and any tenant or occupant of, Market at the Mission and any fee owner or ground or underlying of Market at the Mission and any fee owner or ground or underlying lessors of, against and from any and all claims, demands, fines, suits, actions, proceedings, orders, decrees and judgments of any kind or nature of in favor of anyone whomsoever, and against and from any and all costs, damages and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, resulting from, or in connection with, loss of life, bodily or personal injury or property damage arising directly or indirectly, out of or from, or on account of, any directly or indirectly, out of or from, or on account of, any accident or other occurrence in, upon, at or from the Premises, or occasioned in whole or in part through the negligent use of occupancy of the Premises, or by any negligent use of the occupancy of the Premises, or by any negligent act or omission of, Market at the Mission or any employees, agents, contractors or invitees in, upon, at or from the Premises or its appurtenances or any part of, Ysleta Mission Gift Shop- Market at the Mission.

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