Loyalty Program- Where We Pay You to Shop

For your loyalty to supporting small businesses, like ours, we want to give you a small token of our appreciation. Every purchase you make, online or in person, we pay you a percentage of the total amount of your sale back in store credit, saved in your customer account.  Your return is based on your total purchase amount per session at checkout. This saving becomes a store credit for your future purchases at our shop. 

You can also store credit by 

Total Purchase Per Session Percentage Level Store Credit 
$100+ 10% $10.00
$90-$99 9% $8.10
$80-$89 8% $6.40
$70-$79 7% $4.90
$60-$69 6% $3.60
$50-$59 5% $2.50
$40-$49 4% $1.60
$30-$39 3% $0.90
$20-$29 2% $0.40
$10-$19 1% $0.10


All store credit expires on December 31st of each year and does not roll into the new year. No cash value, not redeemable for cash, store credit only valued at online shop  at www.YsletaMissionGiftShop.com or at our physical store located at 131 S. Zaragosa Rd El Paso, TX. 79907