Ysleta Mission Gift Shop enters third year into El Paso Inc. annual best of competition.

El Paso voted and here are the results.

2022 Results announced in October 

2021 Placed 1st as El Paso's Best Gift Shop
2020 Placed 2nd as El Paso's Best Gift Shop

In 2022 we are at it again and pray we can count on you to help us reach our goal of winning First Place in 2022 as your best gift shop. We want to thank you, El Paso, for all the support and love. 

Vote today and show support for your favorite businesses in El Paso. Follow the steps below and let us know who you think should be crowned as the “Best of El Paso” this year!

To ensure that your vote counts here are firm rules set by El Paso Inc: 

How to vote: 
  • Go to BOEP website https://www.elpasoinc.com/boep/#//
  • You must first register to participate.
  • There will be one round of voting.
  • There will not be a nomination round.
  • To vote, write-in your selection under each category. You will not choose from a lists of nominees.
  • Only one vote per person per category.
  • For your vote to count you must be local to the El Paso region (You must have a local El Paso address)
  • Voters must participate in at least 25 categories for ballot to qualify. 24 or less the ballot selections  your ballot deemed incomplete and is not counted.
  • Incomplete registrations (no phone, zip, etc.) will be disqualified. Don't worry they don't contact you, it is just for validation reasons.
  • You may only vote ONCE in each category.
  • You may change your vote until the ballot closes on May 31.
  • El Paso Inc. will disqualify any appearance of cheating and ballot stuffing.
  • You must be 16 years or older to participate.


    Results: Results to be announced in October, revealed first in the Best of El Paso app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Download the app today to be the first to find out all the winners. Results will also be included in the upcoming Best of El Paso magazine.



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