Well that went fast...


Dear June, How did you arrived so quickly, did you take the express flight? I am not mentally ready to be in the middle of the year, halfway through. Our fruits are just growing and ripening. The other day we were discussing how different this year has been compared to other years. During this time in past years, our garden would be overflowing with arms full of tomatoes, squash, grapes pears, and quinces. This year, we have received just a handful of 7 small cherry tomatoes. I was very happy with those 7 tomatoes graced us with their presence because no matter the size of the blessing, it is still a blessing.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above”
                                           James 1:17 

The other thing that is making me happy these days, is seeing more people are traveling. We have seen an increase in travelers from around the USA, but we have not seen travelers from abroad, just yet. We find most persons are proud to share with us that they are fully vaccinated. 

While we are on the subject of vaccinations & travel, I would like to say that we understand that people, like ourselves, have been vaccinated but not all people traveling have been vaccinated. It is for this reason, that at the shop we are still requiring face masks to be worn properly throughout your visit and sanitizing your hands when you first come in. We pray that you understand our concern for everyone's health & safety is still our priority. 

Come by and see all the new items we are putting on the showroom floor every day or just come by and say hello... don't forget your mask. If you don't want to wear a mask, shop online at www.ysletamissiongiftshop.com ~ YMGS Girls

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