Not Just a Gift Shop But An Experience.


Step inside the doors that lead you to a wonderland of souvenirs, religious gifts, and home décor. Add in a wealth of art, jewelry, prayer cards, and religious statues, and you will quickly discern that this gift shop has inspiring ideas for every gift-giving occasion, throughout the year.

Welcome to Ysleta Mission Gift Shop -- a place where true customer service and happiness reside.

Be ready to be greeted with a friendly hello plus assistance with every bit of your purchasing experience – from loyalty club savings, gift ideas, to cute wrapping!

You are sure to have fun exploring the ever-evolving display cabinets, jewelry racks, and baskets of handmade wares which delight the senses with their beauty and, at times, cultural whimsy. Take their selection of Day of the Dead folk art, for instance! Wow!

This shop displays work by many Local El Paso Artists, whose pieces often reflect the local heritage of the region. Since most products are one-of-a-kind it makes a gift-giving extra special, as not everyone else on the block will receive the same gift.

This shop’s inventory is forever changing, with new additions daily. The old adage of, see it, love it, buy really hits the bell on this gift shop. This is because that same item you loved today and wanted to think about until tomorrow, may be the same item someone loved at yesterday and will buy today.

In addition to shopping, architectural buffs will love the fact that the shop is housed within a historic building from 1682, the Ysleta Mission. The Ysleta Mission, located in the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, is recognized as the oldest continuously operated parish in the State of Texas, second in the Nation.

When you visiting the El Paso Mission Trail, or our beloved Ysleta Mission, then you can easily find a myriad of El Paso souvenirs, Catholic gifts, and handcrafted arts to pack and bring back home with you.  

If you forget or change your mind about anything you saw while visiting, never fear – we offer many of our products in our online shop!

~YMGS Girls


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